January 24-30, 2016 marked another SPSA surgical mission to Calbayog City, Samar. Despite it being the third time the group conducted the mission to this progressive city of Western Samar, Secretary Mel Senen Sarmiento, Mayor Ronald Aquino andthe whole of  Calbayog and the volunteers who opened their town to the SPSA missionaries again with their welcoming hospitality like the two previous forays in 2006 and 2009.

The mission was coordinated by Dr. Helen Gomez and her husband Atty. Ed Gomez who are residents of the Calbayog and are no strangers to SPSA, having participated in previous SPSA missions.  Mission started with screening patients at the City gymnasium followed by scheduled surgeries at three hospital venues: Camillus, Saniatarium and Our Lady of Porziuncula hospitals. A total of 248 cases both major and minor surgeries were performed during the 4 – day operative days.

SPSA missionaries were billeted at the Ciriaco hotel and were bussed to their respective hospital assignments.  The yearly undertaking of the Society was sponsored by numerous charitable organizations including the office of the Representative, now the Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government Mel Senen Sarmiento, the City Mayor, Ronald Aquino,  Henry Sy’s Foundation who donates the IV fluids used every year, Americares, Society of Philippines Surgeons in America its doctors, nurses, and ancillary personnel.



The Society of Philippine Surgeon in America will conduct its yearly surgical mission to Calbayog , Samar on January 24-30 2016. More than fifty volunteers of surgeons, anesthesiologists and anesthetists, ancillary support personnel from different parts of the United States, Canada, and Europe , comprise the team that will be in Calbayog for the third time . The mission is under the auspices  Mel Sarmiento, who represented the city as a Mayor and Congressman and recently was appointed as Secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government by the President.  The present Mayor of Calbayog, Ronald Aquino  as well as some of the NGOs of the City are also involved in having the SPSA missionaries return to Calbayog for this mission.

Dr. Helen Gomez and her husband Atty. Ed Gomez have been coordinating the mission logistics with the SPSA Mission Co-Chairs Dr. Ed Barcelona and Dr. Ed Quiros who took over the SPSA committee with the demise of Dr. Manny Cacdac a year ago, and from Dr. Pacifico Dorado who has remained an avid and active supporter of the mission.  Benefactors of the surgical mission include many of the volunteers who have sent surgical supplies to the office of the then Congressman Sarmiento,  many medical companies, and Americares. 

It will be the Society’s 4th surgical mission to the province of Samar.

SPSA Holds Annual Seminar In Surgery

The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America held its 41st Continuing Medical Education Seminar in Surgery, July 17-24 2015 aboard the Oceania Cruise Line Ship Riviera. The theme of the conference which was put together by SPSA’s CME Chairman Dr. Benjamin Zamora was “Standards of Surgical Practice 2015”. The seminar which was interactive with the didactic lectures and panel discussions had well-known members of the SPSA Faculty as speakers.

During the cruise, the SPSA’s Annual Board of Governors meeting was held where past and pending business of the Society was discussed and acted upon. During this annual event, Sarie Laserna, MD, president of the Society handed over the chain in absentia to the incoming president of the Society, Carl Calica, MD, a general and robotic surgeon from New York who unfortunately could not attend the ceremony. During her farewell address, Dr. Laserna enumerated SPSA’s accomplishments under her leadership including fostering better relationships with the appropriate government agencies in the Philippines as well as leaders of organized medicine relative to foreign medical and surgical missions. She vowed to continue and be active in what she calls the unfinished business that she has started under her term and vowed to help the new SPSA president in the initiatives Dr. Calica would undertake.

SPSA is fully accredited by ACCME and this educational activity was designated for maximum of 16 hours of Category 1 CME credit. Dr. Zamora also delivered the Manuel Cacdac Professorial Lecture on the subject matter of Ebola Virus.

Change Of Venue For 2016 Surgical Mission

Months after unproductive arrangements of possible SPSA surgical mission to Camarines Sur upon the invitation of the governor, Migz Villafuerte, SPSA officially ended its efforts at working on the proposed mission to the province. This was a necessary move because of the time element involved in the details and the logistics the activity requires for both the missionaries and the host, the latter apparently not fully engaged at this time in pursuing the engagement.

The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America which has been conducting surgical missions in the Philippines for approximately 30 years is now actively pursuing an arrangement with another city in the Visayas. It would be the third time the SPSA would be going to this city and the fourth time the Society has been to this province in a few years. The proposed date of the mission would be January 24-30 2016.

SPSA President Confers With RP Health Officials

Dr. Rosario Laserna, current Society of Philippine Surgeons in America president, met recently with various Philippine government health officials to discuss several issues affecting Filipino-American physicians and organizations conducting surgical and medical missions to the Philippines.

Dr. Laserna, an Obstetrician- Gynecologist from Fredericksburg, Virginia, called on Dr. Janette Garin, the Secretary of Health and discussed with her the need for a Health Attache in the Philippine Embassy in Washington, to assist and expedite many of the requirements imposed by the Philippine government on Filipino- Americans and foreign organizations wanting to undertake charitable medical and surgical missions to the country. Among the functions of an attaché suggested include ccordinating activities related to processing STPs or special temporary permits or medical license applications by the Philippine Regulatory Commission, and assisting with Bureau of Customs declarations of medical and surgical supplies essential to mission activities . The Secretary of Health assured Dr. Laserna that she and her staff will work on the t request with feasibility and cost studies within the next 3-6 months.

Prior to the courtesy call on the new Secretary of Health, Dr. Laserna also met with the new Philippine Regulatory Commission Chairman, Dr. Florentino Doble who was most helpful in advising how graduates of Philippine medical schools practicing abroad, can re-apply and renew their medical license in the Philippines personally or by e-mail. A ‘Summit’ meeting with the President and leadership of the Philippine College of Surgeons and the Philippine Medical Association, arranged in advance at the offices of the PCS in Quezon City, and attended by many of the fellows of SPSA was held jointly to discuss how best to resolve the problems of foreign surgical and medical missions in the country.

SPSA Holds Surgical Annual Surgical Mission

The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America, in conjunction with the World Surgical Foundation , conducted its yearly surgical mission in Talavera, Nueva Ecija, January 24-31, 2015. It was held under the sponsorship and auspices of Representative Violago, of the second district of Nueva Ecija at the Dr. Paulino Garcia Memorial Extension Hospital.

The SPSA joined the mission at the invitation of Dr. Domingo Alvear, president and founder of the World Surgical Foundation. Dr. Alvear, a pediatric surgeon an SPSA fellow and a former president of the Society , had been arranging the mission with the staff of the congressman and WSF advance logistical team of Drs. Lester Suntay and Beda Espineda, both pediatric surgeons in the Philippines.

The SPSA contingent included general surgeons, obstetrics and gynecology, and anesthesiologists. WSF consisted of pediatric surgeons, anesthesiologists, urology, surgical residents. Auxiliary personnel from both organizations assisted during the event. Two hundred nine major and minor operations were performed. There was one mortality and three complications which were subsequently attended to.

SPSA Gears for Spring Meeting

The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America will hold its 2015 Annual Spring meeting this coming May 24 to June 5, 2015. The meeting will include a customized tour of Ireland and Scotland which will start in Edinburgh and ends in Dublin. Several tourist and historical landmarks are included in the itinerary for the members and friends of the Society that are attending the yearly spring event.

The SPSA Board of Directors will discuss several agenda items during the meeting. The results and the recommendations will then be presented to the presented to the membership during the Society’s Annual CME meeting in July.

Category 2 continuing medical education activities , will also be held during the tour. Dr. Benjamin Zamora, SPSA CME Chairman, has lined up topics and speakers for the ACCME-accredited activity of the Society.

SPSA Joins WSF for the January 2015 Surgical Mission

The Society of Philippine Surgeon in America is partnering with the World surgical Foundation for the next surgical mission to the Philippines, January 24-31, 2015, in Talaveras, Nueva Ecija. The mission was arranged initially by Dr. Domingo Alvear, founder and president of the World Surgical Foundation. He then invited the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America to join the group. The invitation was accepted by the SPSA Board and the logistics of joining the mission was worked on by Dr. Ed Barcelona, co-chair of the Surgical Mission Committee of SPSA. He and Dr. Ed Quiros were appointed to chair the Committee by the SPSA President, Dr. Rosario Laserna and the SPSA Board after Dr. Manny Cacdac resigned the post after many years of chairmanship because of his illness.

The Nueva Ecija mission at the new Paulino Garcia Hospital in Talaveras, was a culmination of discussions and negotiations resulting in"exemptions" from the requirements imposed by the Philippine Regulatory Commission, the Department of Health and organized medicine in the Philippines, for foreign medical missions from abroad. Both the World surgical Foundation and the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America have been conducting surgical missions to the underserved areas in the Philippines, taking care of the imporished and indigent patients there that it did not take much for the Philippine government to acquiesce to the "exemptions"

The group includes several specialists in their field and are expected to perform operative procedures with some of their Filipino counterparts joint in the effort.

SPSA Turnover Ambulance to Ormoc City

The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America, Inc,. after a successful fund-raising campaign initiated and headed by Dr. Hernan Reyes for the relief efforts towards typhoon Yolanda victims in Leyte, turned over a brand new ambulance to Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez . The ambulance was delivered to OSPA Hospital which was one of the venues during the 2 past surgical missions of SPSA. The campaign to help the Ormocanos was started at the beginning of the year and was quickly responded to by many SPSA fellows and friends. Dr. Hernan Reyes, founder of the Society and Dr. Rosario Laserna expressed their appreciation to all those who contributed to the fund.

The turnover ceremonies were held on September 15, 2014 in Ormoc City. The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America was represented by Dr. Mel Simon and his wife Lydia, and Dr. Ed and Bing Quiros who were with the 2 previous surgical missions to the city. Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez pulled all the stops for the ceremony which was attended by the dignitaries of the City.

The remaining monies of the Ormoc City Campaign Fund presently held by the Philippine Surgeon’s Charities will be used to purchase or equip medical needs of the hospitals as specified by the SPSA. The amount will be disbursed to the office of Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez.

SPSA Stalwart Passes Away

Dr. Manny Cacdac , a neurosurgeon from Terre Haute Indiana, passed away last November 2 at his home in Florida. Doc Manny as he is known to every one, was for a long time the Convention Chair and Co-Chair of the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America until he resigned this year because of lingering illness. He was also a past president of the Society.

Doctor Cacdac  was the founder of the Hydrocephalus Foundation of the Philippines, a foundation that treats and operates on hydrocephalic children in the Philippines. For his humanitarian work in the United States and in his home country, Dr. Cacdac had been the recipient of numerous awards and recognition including the SagamoreWabash Award given by the governor of Indiana and the Linkapil Award given and presented by the President of the Philippines.  He was also a recipient of a humanitarian award by his class during their 50th class reunion in Las Vegas Nevada.  He was a leader and President of many medical and social organizations in his home state of Indiana and in the United States.

A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Navy, Manny was an avid sportsman, a hunter, and a fisherman.  His many friends and acquaintances here and abroad, those he has worked with and those whose lives he  had touched, are truly touched by his passing.

He is survived by this family, his wife Fe who is an internist, his three children, Maricel, Manuel Jr. Michele and four grandchildren.

SPSA’s 40th Annual CME Surgery Ends With Several Events

L-R: Dr. Hernan Reyes, Dr. Velchek, Cora Ignacio, Mrs. Lorie Reyes, Dr. Iggy Ignacio

The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America’s 40th CME in Surgery and the Society’s 42nd year of existence was marked with a three-day surgical seminar with SPSA’s own roster of faculty participating and the three Canadian academic surgeons delivering State of the Art Lectures and the Annual Professorial Lecture. The latter was delivered by Dr. William G. Pollett, Professor of Surgery at Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s whose topic, “TheTraining of a General Surgeon: A Work in Progress” detailed steps Canada is taking to match skill sets of surgeons needed in specific practice environment in their country. Several aspects of surgery were covered during the three-day surgical symposia planned by Dr. Ben Zamora, SPSA’s CME Chair. This included disciplines in Pediatric, Neurosurgery, Colorectal, Head and Neck, Cardiovascular surgery as well as Oncology and miscellaneous subjects such as Healthcare in 2014 and Global Burden of Surgical Diseases in Children.

The last day was for the gala dinner and induction of the new set of officers of the Society and the the Board of Governors. Dr. Edgardo Navarro from Germany, handed the Presidential Medallion to the new President of the Society, Dr. Rosario Laserna, an obstetrician-gynecologist from Fredericksburg, Viirginia who outlined an ambitious and pragmatic agenda during her term of office. She is an indomitable and relentless fund-raisers for her causes and for several organizations which she had headed, and promised to do the same for the Society. her husband was a former president of the Society himself.

During the event, The Society, accepted the resignation of Dr. Manuel Cacdac as the Convention chair and appointed Dr. Ben Zamora to the post. The Society also appointed Dr. Ed Barcelona and Dr. Ed Quiros to co-chair the Surgical Missions as Dr. Cacdac remains indisposed to carry on the activities of the Chair although he promised to help the mission any which way he can.

To many, the lobster feast at Dr. Jimmy Belen and his very gracious wife Neri at their Inverrary residence, and that at the Sports Award Dinner at Dr. Iggy Ignacio and his lovely wife Cora at their cabin in NS, added some more memorable memories for the SPSA fellows and their guests.

Philippine Surgeons Charities To Close its Books

During the last meeting of the Philippine Surgeons Charities Board of Directors held in Nova Scotia Canada during the SPSA’s 40th Annual Continuing Medical Education Seminar in Surgery, Dr. Pacifico Dorado’s letter of resignation was accepted. Dr. Hernan Reyes, the founding father of the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America was elected to transact the business of the 501-c3 organization which was established as a financial arm of SPSA many years ago, providing the necessary funds for the Society’s surgical mission activities, the CME and its ACCME activities, and at one time until it was placed on a moratorium, funding related to the Traveling Fellow Program.

At the meeting, Dr. Al Lopez, PSC’s treasurer, presented the financial status of the PSC and suggested that it be closed with the monies after being liquidated, transferred to designated funds of the SPSA. Specifically, the funds be transferred to a separate SPSA account for Surgical missions which would be opened by the mission co-chairs, Ed Barcelona and Ed Quiros. It was also decided that the funds raised for the Ormoc City ambulance donation be disbursed from the PSC funds.

Dr.Lopez would contact an accountant and a lawyer to close the books on the PSC and suggested henceforth that all charitable donations be made to the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America, Inc specific and designated funds. SPSA in also a 501c-3 organization registered in the state of Maryland.

Recommendations made during the meeting were accepted by the Board.

Ormoc City Fund Raising Campaign: Up to Date Tabs


Dr. Hernan Reyes
Dr. Manuel Cacdac
Dr. Ed Quiros
Dr. Mel Simon
$ 1000.00

Donations Received

Dr. Ben Zamora
$ 100.00
Dr. Phillip Chua
$ 100.00
Dr. Ed Barcelona
$ 500.00
Donations Through SPSA
$ 850.00

Typhoon Yolanda Fund Raising
Lecanto, FL (Al Lopez)
$ 6000.00
Dr. Lopez donated
$1696.00  to this fund
Additional Donation, Dr. Lopez
$ 150.00
John and Michelle Cunningham $ 1000.00
Dr. Manuel Cacdac
$  2000.00

Total Donations to Date: 
$ 10,700.00
Donations Plus Pledges: 
$ 20,700.00


Traveling up north in the reaches of the Mountain Province, the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America, Inc. conducted its annual surgical mission in Apayao province, the second poorest province in the Philippines. Mission date was March 1-9, 2014. The mission was several months in planning, sponsored by Governor Elias Bulut, Jr, his sister, Representative Eleanor Bulut-Begtang and Ms. Naida Praugh of AIM. Dr. Manuel C. Cacdac, SPSA’s Mission Chair who worked diligently to have the mission happen, was not able to join the group for health reasons. Despite the logistical difficulties that the missionaries and the hosts had to overcome, the surgical mission ended on a very positive note. There were 21 plastic surgery cases done, general and gynecological cases 120, ophthalmology 53, minor surgical cases 166 and dental cases involving 497 patients resulted in 894 tooth extractions. The mission hosts were extremely hospitable during the whole mission week. The Governor invited back the SPSA for another mission in the very near future.

SPSA Founder Appeals For Ormoc Typhoon Victims

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends of SPSA and PSC:
It has been over three months since the most powerful cyclone, Typhoon Haiyan, known as Typhoon Yolanda, in the Philippines devastated this country. A Category 5 super typhoon, the deadliest recorded typhoon in the country affected 7 provinces with the major focus of devastation in the east coast of Samar and Leyte province with loss of thousands of lives, destruction of homes, livelihood and infrastructure of the various communities and severe economic losses estimated to be close to 1 billion US dollars. Although the wind speeds were extreme, the major cause of damage and loss of life appears to have been the storm surge which flooded heavily populated low lying areas particularly in the City of Tacloban. On the west coast of Leyte, Ormoc City, though not as hard hit, 90 percent of the city was damaged or destroyed. Hospitals in the city were either shut down or working at partial capacity, leaving many of the nearly 2,000 injured in the city without assistance.

The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America and the Philippine Surgeons Charity have been conducting annual surgical missions to the Philippines for over 2 decades and Ormoc City, Leyte has been the destination of this mission on two occasions during which the generosity and assistance to the group by Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez was instrumental to the success of the mission. In response to her appeal on behalf of the people of Ormoc City, the Governing Board of SPSA and PSC approved to raise funds to support the relief and reconstruction efforts for the City. A fund raising drive with a goal of raising the amount of $100,000.00 (USD) on or before December 31, 2014 was approved to cover the purchase of a basic medical ambulance for the city. Additionally, funds will be used to assist the various medical facilities with building reconstruction, medical supplies and equipment.
This relief effort is made to honor the volunteerism efforts of past and present members of the SPSA surgical mission to the Philippines led by Drs. Manuel Cacdac, Pacifico Dorado, Daniel Fabito and Mel Simon (Founding Chair).

SPSA President Ed Navarro, together with the SPSA/PSC Ad Hoc Committee for Ormoc City Relief Project request your kind and generous assistance to the people of Ormoc City, Leyte. To quote a martyred German theologian during WW II: “ If human beings have passed on to loved ones and to many the blessings they have themselves received, then they have surely fulfilled the most important thing in life; then they have surely themselves become persons happy in God and have made others happy in God.” Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas.

Please help us reach our fund raising goal on behalf of the people of Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines. onor/pledge sheet is enclosed for your convenience. THANK YOU.

Ed Navarro, President, SPSA SPSA/PSC
Ad Hoc Committee for Ormoc City Relief Project
Honorary Chair: Manuel Cacdac
Chair: Hernan M. Reyes
Co-Chairs: Pacifico Dorado & Mel P. Simon
Fund Raising Co-Chairs: Sari Laserna& Bing Quiros


Hernan Reyes, MD FACS

Ohio SPSA Couple Raises Typhoon Relief Funds

Dr. Pacifico Dorado and Dr. Ludy Dorado, both SPSA fellows from Ironton, Ohio, through their fund-raising efforts, sent $6000. to the American Red Cross and the AmeriCares specifically earmarked for the disaster relief victims of the recent typhoon Haiyan that ravaged the provinces of Leyte and Samar. The donation was raised from the couple’s civic clubs, personal donation and a matching grant from the couple’s hospital in Kentucky.

From all across the US, SPSA fellows have and still are working for delivery of relief goods and medical and surgical reconstruction of hospital facilities  damaged and wiped out by the recent calamity that swept the country. Dr. Juan Montero and Dr. Domingo Alvear, both past presidents of the SPSA, are continuing in their efforts through their respective organizations in channeling medical and surgical supplies to the Philippines affected by Haiyan. Dr. Hernan Reyes, SPSA founder has volunteered to head as well further SPSA relief efforts.

Dr. Dorado is a general surgeon and is co-Chair of SPSA’s Surgical Mission together with Dr. Manuel Cacdac, a neurosurgeon from Indiana and founder of the Hydrocephalus Foundation of the Philippines.

SPSA Joins Typhoon Yolanda Relief Efforts

The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America has joined the many international, national and local groups and organizations in calling for continued relief efforts for the people and areas severely devastated by the recent typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Philippines. 

Several friends of the Society have inquired about how to help those that have been severely affected by the typhoon. Most of these friends have joined and been to the SPSA surgical missions especially hit by Yolanda. Dr. Ed Navarro, SPSA president and Dr. Manny Cacdac, surgical mission chair, have suggested that donations be sent by those who want to help to the Philippine Surgeon Charities, c/o Pacifico Dorado, MD FACS, 1403 Shawnee Trail, Ironton, OH 45638. PSC is a 501-c3 corporation and all contributions are tax-deductible.

While relief efforts are already underway, it would  take asometime to bring some sense of normalcy to those areas that have been hard hit by the typhoon which up to now had been the fiercest and strongest known to man. In the words of Dr. Navarro, in the Philippines “the fight for survival begins”.

Two SPSA officers launch Fund for Hope for Haiyan

In response to the massive disaster from monster typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, two officers of the SPSA led the launching of the Fund for Hope Drive of the Filipino United Network – USA, which has so far raised and sent One Million Pesos to the Linkapil disaster relief arm of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas in Manila.

Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS, past (7th) president of the SPSA, is Chairman of FUN-USA, a 501(c)3 humanitarian Foundation in the United States, and Sarie Laserna, MD, FACOG, SPSA incoming president, is its Vice- Chairperson. Treasurer is Aleflor Ragaza, MD. of Milford, Connecticut. The website of this non-profit advocacy entity which was founded in 2007, is www.FUN8888.com “

There is no sunshine in the Philippines today…as the death toll reaches6,000 and more than 2 million suffering victims…Let’s not wait for surgery to open our heart,” appeals the FUN-USA chairman. The link below shows where the donations are coursed through for security and accountability:

http://www.cfo.gov.ph/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2172:fun- usa-fund-for-hope-for-the-victims-of-yolanda&catid=173:newsupdates-on- typhoon-yolanda&Itemid=859

Donations to this international humanitarian campaign are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and may be made visiting www.FUN8888.com


Plans for the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America’s 40th Annual CME in Nova Scotia, Canada is underway. The venue which will be at Cape Breton’s Inverary Resort is being arranged by the hosts, Dr. Bayani Ignacio, past SPSA president and his wife, Cora Ignacio, RN. The CME will start with the Board of Governors meeting followed by a reception on July 16. CME Seminar dates will be on July 17-19 2014. Dr. Benjamin Zamora, SPSA’s CME chair is busy preparing the topics and the list of speakers for the ACCME-accredited surgical conference. Additional logistics for the seminar is being handled and coordinated by Dr. Manny Cacdac, the Society’s convention Chair.

Inverary Resort is Nova Scotia’s most beautiful vacation resort. It is located on the waterfront of Baddeck Bay and is one of National Geographic’s 20 “must see places. Dr. Ignacio , anticipating a well-attended conference has made arrangements with the resort for the best available rates for the attendees of the surgical seminar.

Laserna Elected In-coming SPSA President

Sarie Laserna, MD, FACOG was recently elected as the in-coming President of the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America, Inc during the last Annual 39th CME Seminar aboard the luxury ship Regatta, August of this year. Dr. Laserna, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist from Fredericksburg, Virginia, will be the second female president since the Society was founded in 1972. Dr. Francisca Velchek was the first female president elected in 1993.

Dr. Laserna has been on the Board of Governors of the Society since 2009 and was at one time the Chairperson of the Membership Committee. She has been very active at several medical societies in Virginia. She was a founding president of an organization that helps and supports women,on health issues particularly affecting younger women. She is presently involved with a number of “nation building” organizations , among them the Gawad Kalinga movement in the Philippines. She is an indomitable fund-raiser for all the organizations she is involved in.

Dr. Laserna is married to Oscar Laserna, MD FACOG, FACS, also an obstetrician-gynecologist and 2006 President of SPSA. They have three children and four grandchildren.

SPSA HOLDS 39TH Annual Seminar

The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America ,Inc will be holding its 39th Annual CME Seminar in surgery. The theme of the meeting will be “Standards of Surgical Practice 2013: Diagnosis, Complications and New Techniques”. For the first time, the Society will be holding its seminar on a cruise ship, aboard Oceania’s Regatta. The meeting will be held on July 29 to August 5 2013. Attendees will board the ship in Vancouver, Canada and will dock at the end of the eight-day cruise in Seattle, Washington. State of the Art Lecture will be delivered by Domingo Alvear,MDFACS, chief of Pediatric Surgery at Polyclinic Hospital, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and former president of the Society. The Professorial Lecture will be given by Francisca Velchek, MD FACS, professor of Pediatric Surgery, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center and chief of Pediatric Surgery Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Velchek was also a past president of the SPSA.

Dr. Benjamin Zamora, MD FACS, the CME Chair, has assembled well-known speakers during the surgicalivity which has been designated for 16 hours of Category 1 of the AMA Physicians Recognition Award. The SPSA is accredited with commendation by the American Council for Continuing Medical Education for physicians. During the seminar,a new set of officers of SPSA will be installed.


Edgardo Navarro,MD, an anesthesiologist and critical care specialist from Germany will be installed as the 38th President of the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America, Inc. during the Society’s 39th Annual CME Seminar in Surgery in Alaska. While Dr. Navarro resides and practices in Germany, he is of Filipino descent, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Santo Tomas in 1971. Prior to being elected as President-Elect last July in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Navarro has served on the Board of Governors and is presently the Executive Secretary of the Society.

Dr. Navarro runs a charitable medical and surgical foundation based in Germany that benefits medically third-world countries. He has been active in SPSA’s surgical missions in the Philippines. He has also joined the Rotary Club International missions to his native country. Dr. Navarro is married to his wife Regine, a nurse at a hospital in their city of Germany. They have one daughter, Jackie, who is presently a medical student in the Netherlands.
Having been trained in Germany where he has resided continuously since his postgraduate studies, Dr. Navarro is fluent in the German language but has remained conversant in his native tongue, Tagalog, and his native dialect of Pampanga.


The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America held its annual spring board meeting aboard S.S. Isabel during a scheduled cruise along the Duororiver in Portugal. The Board decided among other things to hold the next CME meeting in Nova Scotia, Canada next July 2014 at a hotel/resort area not too far away from former SPSA president Bayani Ignacio, MD and his wife, Cora Ignacio’s residence. The couple have agreed to host the meeting. The venue was chosen over the city in Germany which was initially proposed by incoming SPSA President, Ed Navarro, MD who lives in Germany.

Aboard the ship which never sailed off the port of Porto because of the swollen Duoro River caused by continuous rain, the Society also held a CME meeting which qualified for an ACCME category 2 credits. Speakers during the symposium included Mel Simon, MD, Celia Ona, MD, FerdieOna,MD, Edward Quiros,MD, Ed Navarro,MD and Ralph Zaragoza, MD. The program was planned and moderated by SPSA’s CME chairman, Dr. Ben Zamora.

Meanwhile, the Board also discussed the coming CME annual meeting in Alaska, the next surgical mission venue in the Philippines presently being arranged by Manny Cacdac, MD, the financial status of the Society, and the next spring meeting in 2014.

The group were bussed to the places in Portugal and Spain which the cruise was supposed to have traveled and meandered through but for the strong river currents and the locks which were closed because of the rains. Six couples took and extended land tour in Spain after the river cruise ended.

SPSA Spring Meeting:
March 19-29 2016 Burgundy & Provence Aboard S.S. Catherine

SPSA 42nd Annual Continuing Medical Education Seminar in Surgery:
Standards of Surgical Practice, 2016 Diagnosis, Complications and Management

July 14-23 2016
Aboard the ship "Anthem of the Sea"

Contact: Mary E. Zamora SPSA Coordinator, 3629 Loggerhead Ct. Seabrook Island, SC 29455

Home Phone: (843) 243-0369
Cell Phone: (843) 323-0588
E-Mail: zam1967@bellsouth.net


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